Frequently Asked Questions:
How does the machine charge for product?
- Kiosk Pre-authorizes your credit card for the value of the product rented. (sale price + taxes)
- When the product is returned you are charged the total rental cost.
- Your banking institution controls all over draft charges on your account
- Use of a debit or prepaid card can result in overdrafts is monies are not available at the time of rental.
- It can take 3-5 business days to clear the return of the deposit fee.
- partial returns of multi-disk rentals can result in a short term situation where the original pre-authorization for the initial transaction has not been cleared by your bank prior to a new transaction being started for the items remaining out. To avoid this please swipe out disks in batches that will be returned together. Example would be a game rented with some movies where the game is kept for more days than the movies. Swiping the game separately will avoid "stacking" of pre-authorization charges while your financial institution is clearing the 1st transaction.
- we do not have your money, your banking institution controls the transfer of funds for pre-authorizations and for charges.
Can I look at the back of the case or look at the disk before a charge?
- yes, the 10 minutes after a rental is a grace period where you can return the case and product without incurring a charge.
How long can I continuously rent a movie?
- maximum period of rental is 10 days. After 10 days the product is deemed a purchase and cannot be returned.
When do I have to get the movie returned by to avoid another days charge?
- kiosk is set to a grace period until 7:00pm for returns.
Example: disk is rented at 5:00pm on Tuesday and returned at 6:00pm on Wednesday,
this would be a single days rental since the disk was returned within the grace period.
I can see the movie I want in the front of the case, how do I find it in the lists to rent?
- you can use the slot number to pull up the product information or find it by the type of movie or alphabet.
How can I request a movie or other product?
- while we strive to have enough product to satisfy customers there is a limited amount of space in the kiosk.
As such, we can load requests in some but not all cases.
An e-mail to wess@otherhatsentertainment.com or a text to 719-251-7201 are the best ways to make requests.